Thursday, October 9, 2014

G. Lekeu

Guillaume Lekeu is not a particularly well-known composer but I listen to his music often, especially while working. The sound of his work effects the  choices I make while painting. Lekeu had a short life; he died one day after his twenty-fourth birthday from ingesting contaminated sorbet. This book is meant to be an hommage. While hand-painted, or perhaps more correctly hand-stenciled, it was done as a multiple; there are ten copies. The page size is approximately 11" x 7.25" and the paper is Stonehedge. The binding is by John Demmeritt.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Editions of Hand-painted Books

For some time I've been working on three hand-painted books––as editions: I've been making ten copies of each book, stenciled and painted as similarly as possible. For an artist whose work often seems to revolve around making the best of mistakes, that can be confounding: can one make an honest mistake ten times in a row?

Today I took the last of the folios to John Demerritt, the non-mistake-driven bookbinder in the East Bay who turns my folios into well-sewn volumes. While I'm eager to see them bound and complete, the process of repeatedly committing the same action, page after page, has been a reward in itself; it has proven to be, if not exactly therapeutic, at least compelling, and at the best of times almost spiritual, similar to repeating a mantra while meditating.

I think it might feel strange, returning to doing things just once.

(As usual, click on the image to see it in higher res.)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Late Summer 2014 | Works on Paper (+ One Canvas)

Theater Piece, 24" x 32"

Dance Hall, 49" x 35"

Toulouse, 34" x 37"

Red Gripper, 34" x 24"

Rascal Coffin, 39" x 25"

Roamer, 45" x 35"

Rafferty, 50" x 38"

Detroit, 50" x 38"

Lumumba Crosses the River, 47" x 34"

The Novelist, 50" x 38"

And one work on canvas: Djenné, 62" x 42"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Works on Paper | Spring-Summer 2014

Discipline (20" x 26" acrylic on paper)

Veneer (30" x 22" acrylic on paper)

Façade (26" x 19" acrylic on paper)

Guise (24" x 18" acrylic on paper)

Semblance (30" x 23" acrylic on paper)

Reynold (30" x 22" acrylic on paper)

Densitometer (25" x 19" acrylic on paper)

Cobble (24" x 19" acrylic on paper)

Rouen (30" x 22" acrylic on paper)

Tickertape (30" x 22" acrylic on paper)

Doe (25" x 19" acrylic on paper)

Peony (30" x 22" acrylic on paper)

Digitalis (34" x 24" acrylic on paper)

Proscenium (25" x 19" acrylic and cut paper lettering on paper)

Orison (30" x 22" acrylic on paper)

Kyoto (30" x 22" acrylic on paper)

Dapple Splotch (34" x 24" acrylic on paper)

Performance (24" x 34" acrylic and digital print on paper)

Forrest (22" x 30" acrylic on paper)

Randolph (30" x 22" acrylic on paper)

Rudolph (21" x 30" acrylic on paper)

Nabi (21" x 30" acrylic on paper)