Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DUSK | Galerie Look&Listen | Saint Chamas

Dusk Editions' Embossed
Galerie Look&Listen
Opening 30 May 2015
Saint Chamas, France
Works-on-paper selected by Ky Anderson for Dusk.

Participating artists: Shane Drinkwater (Australia), Brian Edmonds (US), Benjamin Gardner (US), J Grabowski (US), Molly Herman (US), Michael Krueger (US), Yifat Gat (FR), Emily Noelle Lambert (US), Meg Lipke (US), Jason Rohlf (US), Mason Saltarrelli (US), Ward Schumaker (US), Vicki Sher (US), Debra Smith (US), Sarajo Frieden (US).

Painter Ky Anderson (Brooklyn) embossed blank sheets with an inkless swirl of dashes, distributed them to fifteen artists, who used the sheets as a base for a piece of art. Besides this show in Saint Chamas, similarly created works by the same artists will appear in a show at Gallery Molly Krom in New York, opening 9 July 2015.

Me, I got interested in the swirl (that's how I saw Ky's embossment) to the point that I had to try a couple versions in a larger size:

Swirl 01, acrylic on paper, 45" x 34"

Swirl 02, acrylic on paper, 44" x 32"

Vernissage 30 Mai 2015

Oeuvres sélectionnées par Ky Anderson of DUSK: Shane Drinkwater (Australia), Brian Edmonds (US), Benjamin Gardner (US), J Grabowski (US), Molly Herman (US), Michael Krueger (US), Yifat Gat (FR), Emily Noelle Lambert (US), Meg Lipke (US), Jason Rohlf (US), Mason Saltarrelli (US), Ward Schumaker (US), Vicki Sher (US), Debra Smith (US), Sarajo Frieden (US)

Pour sa nouvelle exposition, la galerie LOOK&LISTEN accueille Ky Anderson, artiste-peintre américaine, qui sera en résidence du 16 au 30 mai à Saint Chamas. L’exposition KY/ DUSK présente des pièces réalisées par Ky Anderson et des œuvres papier de quinze artistes internationaux, une série réalisée sur un papier gaufré dont le précédé a été finalisé dans l’atelier de gravure de Ky Anderson. LOOK&LISTEN les présente en avant-première, la série sera dévoilée intégralement à la galerie Molly Krum de New York dès le 9 juillet.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Umbilical Cord Is Not Yet Cut

"I think that the rationalization of the vision of things rooted in the work of art is like the demasking of actors. It is the end of the game, it is the impoverishment of the question of the work. Not because art is an anagram with a hidden key; philosophy is this same anagram––solved. The difference is more profound. In the work of art the umbilical cord is not yet cut that joins it to the whole of the problem. The blood of the mystery is still circulating; the ends of the vessels escape into the surrounding night and return full of a dark fluid. In a philosophical interpretation we now have only extracted an anatomical specimen for an entire problem."

In a letter from Bruno Schulz to his friend Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, as quoted in Regions of the Great Heresy by Jerzy Ficowski (W. W. Norton 2003)

Please visit my fine art website:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Newly-Painted Bandiagara Sculptures

I repainted two of the Bandiagara sculptures I'd  worked on last summer. They now seem more related to the Dogon sacrificial altars that inspired them. Each is six-foot tall, polychrome wood. To see the old version, visit here: Bandiagara 01 and Bandiagara 02. (I left Bandiagara 03 just as I'd painted it earlier.)

Bandiagara 01

Bandiagara 02

Friday, April 10, 2015

Fine Art Website | Upcoming Events

I’ve just put together a website of my paintings, hand-painted books, sculptures and collage:

In the 10 years I’ve exhibited, I’ve been fortunate enough to hang one-man shows in galleries I admire in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Nashville. In 2013, San Francisco Chronicle critic Kenneth Baker named my show at Jack Fischer Gallery one of the ten best shows in the Bay Area of that year.

In late April, Jack Fischer will include 2- and 3-dimensional work at Art Market San Francisco.
In May I’ll appear in a group show, Embossed, at Look & Listen in Saint Chamas, France; and in June at Gallery Molly Krom in New York City (both shows organized by Brooklyn artist Ky Anderson).
In September, I’ll show all new work in a one-man show at Jack Fischer.
And in March-April, 2016, a show at Zeitgeist in Nashville.

I hope you’ll take time to visit the website:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Artist Talk | Sanchez Art Center

At 4 o'clock on Sunday, 29 March, 2015, curator Jerry Barrish will conduct an artist talk for my show do | undo at the Sanchez Art Center. The center is located at 1220-B Linda Mar Blvd in Pacifica, CA. This will be the last day of the show.

Some photos of the exhibition:

Friday, March 13, 2015

There Are Many Lovely Things

Between 2008 and 2010, I created many calligraphic versions of the same text. The project gave me a chance to investigate what I could do with words, and what I'd actually like to look at. I've exhibited them in New York at Ivan Karp's, in San Francisco and Los Angeles with George Lawson, and in San Francisco at the Jack Fischer Gallery. Many have sold, but a number of them are now on exhibit at the Sanchez Art Center; they'll move back to Jack Fischer's after the end of that show, 29 March. Each one measures 10" x 6", mixed media on cardboard.

Lovely Things 11

Lovely Things 22

Lovely Things 23

Lovely Things 32

Lovely Things 33

Lovely Things 33

Lovely Things 41

Lovely Things 73

Lovely Things 43

Lovely Things 51

Lovely Things 59

Lovely Things 67

Lovely Things 73

(Click on image to see in higher resolution)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Jack Fischer Gallery | Art on Paper | New York


Jack Fischer Gallery is taking all five of my recent editioned hand-stenciled books to Art on Paper: 5-8 March Pier 16, New York City.
For further information, visit