Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Identity Papers | O K Harris Gallery | New York

Ivan Karp of O K Harris offered me a show after seeing my mixed-media works in the book Identity Papers.  These are small pieces, 10” tall x 6” wide, made up of sketches from illustration jobs, hand-cut paper calligraphy, and stencils. I am very pleased to be showing in a gallery with such a rich and important history.

Ivan Karp served as co-director of Leo Castelli Gallery from 1959-1969, during which time he was instrumental in launching the careers of pop artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, Tom Wesselmann and John Chamberlain. In 1969, Ivan broke away to launch his own gallery, O K Harris. The establishment in SoHo as the first gallery on West Broadway helped inspire the development of the area’s fine arts character.
In addition to being at the forefront of the Photo Realist movement in 1969, OK Harris was among the first galleries to exhibit the work of Duane Hanson, Deborah Butterfield, Manny Farber, Richard Pettibone, Robert Bechtle, Marilyn Levine, Malcolm Morley, Arman, and many others.

OK Harris exhibits contemporary art and photography, and on occasion mounts shows of antiques and collectibles. In its capacious facility, it is able to mount five one-person shows simultaneously and has seven such exhibitions each year.

My wife, Vivienne Flesher, and I are looking forward to attending the opening, 3-5pm, on Saturday, 29 October 2011.

The show remains up until 03 December 2011.

O K Harris   383 West Broadway   New York, NY 10012

tel 212 431-3600

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