Thursday, March 15, 2012

Island [Dumb Box 08]

When we were preparing to leave San Francisco, we hired a jack-of-all-trades named Otis to fix things around the house: he rehung doors, glued down loose tiles on the kitchen floor, hung a shower for the renter who preferred to have something more than a bath, touched up walls that were a bit blotchy––he seemed to be able to do anything.  "But what I really like to do," he said, "is to make architectural models."  When I heard that, I hurried downstairs to my studio and constructed out of cardboard and tape, to the same size, the boxes I'd been wanting for about a year to start working on again.  "Can you fabricate these out of wood?," I asked.  "You bet," he answered, and a day before we left for New York, he delivered the goods, which I shipped to Manhattan to work on once we got a studio.

Island has a cardboard liner and cardboard inserts.