Thursday, October 9, 2014

G. Lekeu

Guillaume Lekeu is not a particularly well-known composer but I listen to his music often, especially while working. The sound of his work effects the  choices I make while painting. Lekeu had a short life; he died one day after his twenty-fourth birthday from ingesting contaminated sorbet. This book is meant to be an homage. While hand-painted, or perhaps more correctly hand-stenciled, it was done as a multiple; there are ten copies. The page size is approximately 11" x 7.25" and the paper is Stonehedge. 32 pages. The binding is by John Demeritt.


  1. Thanks! Lekeu's music shows up in my head as these colors, more or less. Hope that doesn't sound crazy, but they do.

  2. Music to my ears!!! Thomass!

  3. these are gorgeous - Caitlin