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Friday notePad: 09.11.2015
By Peggy Roalf   Friday, Sept. 11, 2015

This weekend a number of DART subcribers are opening exhibitions of their work, from San Francisco to Leipzig. From west to east, here’s the rundown.
Ward Schumaker at Jack Fisher Gallery, San Francisco:
Ward Schumaker, an artist who lives near the Dogpatch area of San Francisco, has created illustrations, calligraphy, and art for just about every type of printed matter imaginable. His passion for painting inflects his work, and over the past several years has taken the forefront, with one-man shows in New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Nashville and San Francisco.
Currently on view at Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, is Dogon Kayak, featuring recent paintings in acrylic on canvas and paper, collages, and wood sculptures inspired by Schumaker’s travels to Mali in 2005. Ritual Dogon altars gave form to Schumaker’s series of stepped, painted sculptures, titled Bandiagaras. Many of the recent paintings in the Dogon Kayak series are large in scale with designs resembling patchwork quilts, overlaid with various sizes of irregular dots.

Ward Schumaker | Dogon Kayak opens on September 12th and runs through October 17th at Jack Fischer Gallery, 311 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA.  An opening reception for the artist will be held on September 12th from three to five pm, with an artist's talk at 4:30. WebsiteBlog. Ward Schumaker in DART here and herePhotos, top and above, courtesy the artist. Above, left, the artist; right, the gallerist.

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