Monday, April 24, 2017

Opening Party | Priapus and Rain Fall | Jack Fischer Gallery

Max George Watrous-Schumaker

Cecilia Brunazzi and spouse

Craig Upson

David Rathod and Gaylord Burke

Amanda Jones

Dik Wilmes and Sally

Augusta Talbot

Gaylord Burke

Henrik Kam, Donna Anderson, Marc d'Estout

Raya Foreman and Isabel Allende

Michael Bartalos, Thorina Rose, Ward Schumaker

J Trautwein and friend

Delia and Agelio Batle, Julie Trachtenburg

Kate and Geir Jordhal

 Kevin Causey

Lisa Goldschmid

Judith Gordon and Jack Fischer

Milton Moskowitz, Mary Etta Moose, Liz Moskowitz

Nina Katz and Lori Barra

Manny Schoengut

Peter Lewis and Matthew Schumaker

Nancy Russell

Nico Frias

Nina Katz, Ward Schumaker, Liz Moskowitz

Nora Pauwels

Peter Lewis, Matthew Schumaker, Isabel Allende

Kathryn Reasoner and Rene Yung

Rene Yung

Rob Heugel, Patricia Bruning, Lisa Goldschmid

Robert Morgan

Roger Cukras and Ward Schumaker

Rudy VanderLans

Zuzana Licko and John Parman

Sandra McHenry

Stephen Woodhall


Timothy Wicks

Ward Schumaker and Mary Etta Moose

Ward Schumaker, Ricardo Pinto, Vivienne Flesher

Dorothy Hunt Yule and Sandra McHenry

Rob Heugel and Vivienne Flesher

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  1. Looks great Wardie, sorry I couldn't make it over. Little Matty is not so little any more and Max is getting pretty big too.