Monday, April 11, 2011

Rebound: A Survey of Contemporary California Artist's Books.

I'm pleased that two of my hand-painted books have been chosen to appear in the upcoming show, Rebound: A Survey of Contemporary California Artist's Books, at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.  The exhibit will open on Friday, 3 June, 2011, and hang June through August.  The museum is located at 551 Broadway, Sonoma, California, across the square from the picturesque Sonoma City Hall.

One of the books to be included is Respite--Markandeya, 2006, 32 pages, page size 25.25" high x 19.5" wide, with a binding by John Demerritt.  The book is my faulty recollection of a Hindu myth concerning Markandeya.  You can go to The Gitas for the real story; my version reads this way:


The whale beached itself upon the sand.
Its mouth opened.
Upon its tongue sat a little boy.
The boy stood up and walked out onto the sand.
In his hand he carried a branch with leaves.
“I hope you enjoyed your rest, my son,” said the whale.
Then it turned and re-entered the waters.
The little boy smiled, waved good-bye,
And turning towards the rising sun,
Began to sweep the beach.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Skinner Howard Sacramento Composers Show

I’m pleased that Skinner Howard gallery in Sacramento has picked up the Composers show from George Lawson and will be exhibiting it during June and July 2011.  The opening is scheduled for Thursday night 9 June, and I’ll also be there for Sacramento’s Second Saturday on 11 June. The gallery space is a unique warehouse, large and very industrial with clerestory windows and lots of natural light. Skinner Howard is located at 723 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95811.