Sunday, March 22, 2015

Artist Talk | Sanchez Art Center

At 4 o'clock on Sunday, 29 March, 2015, curator Jerry Barrish will conduct an artist talk for my show do | undo at the Sanchez Art Center. The center is located at 1220-B Linda Mar Blvd in Pacifica, CA. This will be the last day of the show.

Some photos of the exhibition:

Friday, March 13, 2015

There Are Many Lovely Things

Between 2008 and 2010, I created many calligraphic versions of the same text. The project gave me a chance to investigate what I could do with words, and what I'd actually like to look at. I've exhibited them in New York at Ivan Karp's, in San Francisco and Los Angeles with George Lawson, and in San Francisco at the Jack Fischer Gallery. Many have sold, but a number of them are now on exhibit at the Sanchez Art Center; they'll move back to Jack Fischer's after the end of that show, 29 March. Each one measures 10" x 6", mixed media on cardboard.

Lovely Things 11

Lovely Things 22

Lovely Things 23

Lovely Things 32

Lovely Things 33

Lovely Things 33

Lovely Things 41

Lovely Things 73

Lovely Things 43

Lovely Things 51

Lovely Things 59

Lovely Things 67

Lovely Things 73

(Click on image to see in higher resolution)

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