Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Embossed | Gallery Molly Krom | New York

Dusk Editions' Embossed
Gallery Molly Krom
Opening 09 July 2015 6pm-8pm
Show dates 09 July 2015 to 19 August 2015
New York, New York
Works-on-paper selected by Ky Anderson for Dusk.

Gallery Molly Krom is pleased to present Embossed, a series curated by DUSK Editions, featuring the work of Shane Drinkwater, Brian Edmonds, Sarajo Frieden, Benjamin Gardner, Yifat Gat, J Grabowski, Molly Herman, Michael Krueger, Emily Noelle Lambert, Meg Lipke, Jason Rohlf, Mason Saltarrelli, Ward Schumaker, Vicki Sher and Debra Smith.

With a firm belief in the collaboration between gallery and artist, Gallery Molly Krom is transformed into an artist run space from July 9th to Aug 16th. Gallery Molly Krom’s programing has a focus on work on paper and this transfer of space represents a continuum in gallery's aesthetics and beliefs. Both the gallery and Dusk are united by common aesthetic sensibilities and believe in promoting the work of artists with diverse history and exposure.

DUSK Series & Editions is a print studio & gallery, curated and operated by artist Ky Anderson. Embossed started in the DUSK print studio by embossing paper in a consistent pattern. Designed and embossed by Ky Anderson the pattern was intended to complement each artist work while still challenging them, but subtle enough to not dominate the work. Some embraced the pattern, some found it wildly inspiring, some wanted more paper, some ignored the pattern while some repeated it, some struggled and some rejected the surface altogether and pulled out of the show. This series is a result of a group of artists with a knowledge and respect of one another’s work. While there are multiple approaches to the work the artists have allowed themselves to be further connected to one another by engaging in the consistency of the size and texture as their starting point.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Collages | Spring 2015

I've just sent work off to the framers for my upcoming show (September) at the Jack Fischer Gallery. As I often do, after finishing a series of paintings I turn to working on small (10" x 6") collages. Here are some of the latest. Besides these, there are another ten shown on my fine art website.

Djenné 22

Djenné 21

Djenné 20

Djenné 16

Dogon 06 (private collection)

Djenné 05 (private collection)

Mopti 04

Mopti 03 (private collection)

Djenné 02 (private collection)


For more of my work, please visit: https://ward-schumaker.squarespace.com

Friday, June 12, 2015

Mixed Republic | A New Blog from Barcelona

Mixed Republic is a brand new blog by Aida Nogus and Pere Rius of Barcelona. They're passionate about "the magic of printing," and "intense colors, matter, paper, smell, dirty hands..." (among other things).

Right up my alley.

For an article about my work by  in Spanish:


For the article in English: