Saturday, February 18, 2012

Equator [Dumb Box 03]

These are the first objects created in our new studio in New York.  A couple days ago I turned 69 and I am very much aware how fortunate I am to be in a new city at this time in my life.  It feels like I’m in the right place for me at the right time, not a bad way to feel at this age.  Or any, for that matter.



  1. love the concept. wish i could read the text..... maybe that is part of the art. anyway love your work

  2. Rebeca: thanks for your kind words. In actuality, one can read the test, not the big black stenciled ones, but the small penciled words. TO see them, hit on the final image and it should blow it up, large enough to read, pretty high res, actually. The text is something I wrote and used in a hand-painted book called "Moon Atlas." Again, thanks for the message.

  3. Here's what the text says: He hung there, from the rickety ladder, and he could hear the planets moving round, the sun, the earth beneath him, and somewhere deep inside the earth, metal gears, giant flywheels, the huge watch works that made it turn.