Monday, June 2, 2014

Dusk Editions: Colette

Ky Anderson, a Brooklyn-based artist I respect immensely, asked me to create something for her venture, Dusk. Dusk employs a very loose definition of the word edition. In a usual edition, for instance, each piece matches almost identically; but I use hand-cut paper stencils, many layers of them, a separate one cut for each board, and the paint splotches unevenly, making each piece unique. I created two editions: Serpico, and Colette. Each was created on wood panel, using hand-cut stencils plus soupy gesso and gloppy acrylic. Here's a view of the process:

And here is the edition Colette: 7" x 5", mixed media on panel.
(Note: this edition has sold out.)

Colette 01 (sold)

Colette 02 (sold)

Colette 03 (sold)

Colette 04 (sold)

Colette 05 (sold)

Colette 06 (sold)

Colette 07 (sold)

Colette 08 (sold)

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  1. Dang! These are so beautiful, Ward.

  2. These are really amazing and what a brilliant approach.

  3. I appreciate your kind words. This work with Ky lead me on to a number of large paintings done in the same manner, that is, with stencils. But very large stencils! I'm so glad Ky asked me to do these.