Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Paris Paper

Mary Judge of Schema Projects (Bushwick) will be including one of my edition hand-painted books, Coffin Laughter, at PaperParis, Tuesday 29 March and Wednesday 30 March, from 12pm -9pm, 3 Cité du Petit Thouars, 75003, Paris.

Yifat Gat of Look&Listen (St Chamas) will be manning the booth.

spreads from Coffin Laughter:

PAPER/PARIS is a new pop up mini art fair produced by Look&Listen, dedicated to contemporary drawing. The event is located just next to the DRAWING NOW art fair in Paris. PAPER/PARIS aims to offer a unique meeting ground for art enthusiasts and the greater public, through gathering international galleries to present a wide range of original works including editions, publications, and more.


  1. Will you be able to go to Paris for this
    or just to see your work??? Congratulations and continued success. Do I always say that??? Hope things are
    good with you and family. Lee

  2. No, Lee, I won't be going to Paris for this. I will be going to Nashville, in the 24th of March, for a special event involving the show there. students from the composition department of Vanderbilt University have written works inspired by the two shows at Zeitgeist. Really looking forward to that! Take good care.