Friday, December 2, 2016

Demi-Urge | Schema Projects | Brooklyn

You are invited to the opening of Demi-Urge, a show of works-on-paper and hand-painted books by Ward Schumaker, Friday 09 December 2016, 6-9pm, at Schema Projects.

Also, on Saturday, 17 December, 3pm, the artist will turn pages and discuss his hand-painted books, including Grid Stop, Being Everyone, and Throat Singing in Drohobycz. All are welcome.

Schema Projects
92 St Nicholas Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11237


  1. Sorry to miss this, Ward. Are you planning on having any shows in 2017 in SF?

  2. Dear Jane,
    Yes, Jack Fischer has scheduled a show for me in April. PerhapsI will see you there?
    Bet regards,