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Biography | Curriculum Vitae

Ward Schumaker has shown in New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Nashville, Charleston, Tulsa, Miami and Sacramento.

Upcoming Events:

Show: Trump PapersZeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN; Jan-Feb 2019
One-man Show: Jack Fischer Gallery; San Francisco, CA: Mar 2019

Hate Is What We Need (trade edition of a book of hand-stenciled quotes from Donald Trump) published by Chronicle Books; April 2018

Solo Exhibitions:
Trump Papers; The Minnesota Street Project; SF CA; Nov 2018
Priapus and Rain Fall; Jack Fischer Gallery, SF CA; Apr-May 2017
Demi-Urge; Schema Projects; Brooklyn, NY; Dec 2016 - Jan 2017
Probe; Zeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN; Mar-Apr 2016
Dogon Kayak; Jack Fischer Gallery; San Francisco, CA; Sep-Oct 2015
Do | Undo; Sanchez Art Center; Pacifica, CA; Feb-Mar 2015
Years of Pretty; Jack Fischer Gallery; San Francisco, CA; Sep-Oct 2013
Summon Me!; Dominican University; San Rafael, CA; June thru Aug 2013
Dumb Boxes; George Lawson Gallery; Los Angeles, CA; Nov 2012
New Work, New York; O K Harris Gallery; New York, NY Nov 2012
Geography Lesson; Zeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN; Nov-Dec 2011
Identity Papers; O K Harris Gallery; New York, NY; Oct-Nov 2011
Composers; Skinner Howard Art; Sacramento, CA; June-July 2011
Composers; George Lawson Gallery; San Francisco, CA; Feb-Mar 2011
Misspells + Cross-outs; Stir Gallery; Shanghai, China; Sept-Oct 2010
Fashion + Logic; George Lawson Gallery; San Francisco, CA; Feb 2010
Nina Zurier Photographs + Ward Schumaker Paintings; Hilliard Architects Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Aug-Nov 2009
Saved!; Townsend Center, UC Berkeley; Berkeley, CA; March-May 2008
Books and Drawings; Meridian Gallery; San Francisco, CA; Feb-March 2008
I Am Big Heaven; Stir Gallery; Shanghai, China; June 2007
Grace; Zeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN; Jan-Feb 2005
Pretty; Seam; San Francisco, CA; July-Aug 2004
Gertrude Stein’s Paris France; Moe’s Books; Berkeley, CA; June 2000

Painted PagesBook Club of California; San Francisco, CA; Nov 2018
Painted Pages: Minnesota Street Project; San Francisco; Nov 2018
Painted TextAchenbach Graphic Arts Council, Legion of Honor; April 2018
Painted Pages: Magic City Books; Tulsa, OK; March 2018 (and book signing)
Painted TextReva and David Logan Symposium on the Artist's Book, Legion of Honor, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco; San Francisco; October 2017
AntipodeColophon Club, Berkeley, CA; February 2017

Group Exhibitions:
139x Nothing But Good; group show; Park, Tilburg, Netherlands; Feb - Mar 2018
MONA Selects: Recently Acquired Work; MONA, Kearney, NE; Jan-Mar 2018
Text and Image: Inspired Alphabets, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, SF CA, Mar-July 2017
Overloaded; NIAD Art Center; Richmond, CA; Nov 2016
Black and White Project; Transmitter Gallery; Brooklyn, NY; Aug 2016
Le Dessin S'Engage; Biblioteque d'Art de Miramas; Miramas, France; Apr-May 2016
Look! Book Arts; Healdsburg Center for the Arts; Healdsburg, CA; Apr-May 2016
Paper Paris; Schema Projects (Brooklyn); in Drawing Now; Paris, France; Mar 2016
Embossed; Gallery Molly Krom; New York, NY; Jul-Aug 2015
Embossed; Gallery Look&Listen; Saint Chamas, France; May-Jun 2015
SFArtMrkt; Jack Fischer Gallery; San Francisco, CA; May 2015
Art on Paper; Jack Fischer Gallery; New York, NY; Mar 2015
Codex Book Fair; Jack Fischer Gallery; Richmond, CA; Jan 2015
Miami Project; Jack Fischer Gallery; Miami Art Basel; Miami, FL; Dec 2014
SFArtMrkt; Jack Fischer Gallery; San Francisco, CA; May 2014
Miami Project; Jack Fischer Gallery; Miami Art Basel; Miami, FL; Dec 2013
Aqua Art Fair; George Lawson Gallery; Miami Art Basel; Miami, FL; Dec 2012
The Art of Living; Museum of Nebraska Art; Kearney, NE; Sept 2012–Jan 2013
GuangHwaMun International; Seoul, Korea; Apr-May; 2012
The Collage Show; Jack Fischer Gallery; San Francisco, CA; December 2011
Sight and Identity; Stanford-in-Washington; Washington, DC; Oct 2011–Jan 2012
Physical Graffiti; James Oliver Gallery; Philadelphia, PA; Sept-Oct 2011
Rebound: A Survey of Contemporary Artist’s Books; Sonoma Valley Museum of Art; Sonoma, CA; Jun-Aug 2011
Seeing Gertrude Stein; Contemp. Jewish Museum; San Francisco, CA; May-Sep 2011
Rebound: Book Art; Bedford Gallery; Walnut Creek, CA; Jul-Sep 2010
Kaboom!; La Luz de Jesus Gallery; Los Angeles, CA; July 2010
California Summer; George Lawson Gallery; San Francisco, CA; July 2010
Appropriations; Rebekah Jacob Gallery; Charleston, SC; March 2010
Selected of the Selected; Korean Cultural Center; Los Angeles, CA; Feb-Mar 2010
Texto-&-Figura; Nat.Gallery of Costa Rica+San Francisco+Cascais, Portugal; 2010-11
Art Miami Basel-Aqua Art; George Lawson Gallery; Miami, FL; Dec 2009
Gallery Artists Group Exhibition; Stir Gallery; Shanghai, China; Sept 2009
2009 Lawson Gallery Artists; Shasta College; Redding, CA; Aug-Sept 2009
Selected Drawings; George Lawson Gallery; San Francisco, CA; Aug 2009
Who Cares?; Stir Gallery; Shanghai, China; May 2009
Being; Stir Gallery; Shanghai, China; September-October 2008
Works on Paper; Zeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN: Aug-Sept 2008
Salon; Exploding Head; Sacramento, CA; Sept 2006
X Libris; San Francisco Center for the Book; San Francisco, CA; July 2006
23rd Annual; Berkeley Art Center; Berkeley, CA; July 2006
Surface Tension; Korean Cultural Center; Los Angeles, CA; April 2006
Picture Mechanics; Zeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN; March -April 2006
The Shape of Words; Exploding Head Gallery; Sacramento, CA; July 2005
Picture Mechanics; Exploding Head Gallery; Sacramento, CA; Sept 2004
Dialogue; Pete & Susan Barrett Gallery; Santa Monica, CA; Feb-Mar 2004
Detail; Zeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN; Jan-Feb 2004
Switchyard; Zeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN; July-Aug-Sept 2003
Picture Mechanics; Zeitgeist Gallery; Nashville, TN; March -April 2003
Picture Mechanics; 69A Gallery; San Francisco, CA; March 2002 
Four Artists; Montalvo Center for the Arts; Saratoga, CA; 1983

Related Professional Appearances:

            Drawings, hand-painted books and paintings in public collections:
                        Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museums of San                                              Francisco
                        Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE
                        Letterform Archive; San Francisco, CA
                        Margulies Collection at the Warehouse, Miami Beach, FL
                        MONA, Kearney, NE
                        Sonoma State University Art Collection, Rohnert Park, CA
                        University of Minnesota
                        Zimmerli Art Museum of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
            Limited-edition letterpress books illustrated for The Yolla Bolly Press (Paris France by Gertrude Stein; Two Kitchens in Provence by MFK Fischer) in public collections:
                        Boston Public Library
                        California Poly State University
                        California State Library
                        California State University, Hayward
                        California State University, Chico
                        Claremont College
                        Indiana University
                        Kansas State University
                        Los Angeles Public Library
                        Miami University Library (OH)
                        New York Public Library
                        Occidental College
                        University of Alberta (Canada)         
                        University of Buffalo
                        University of California, Berkeley, Bancroft Library
                        University of California, Irving
                        University of California, Los Angeles Library
                        University of California, Riverside
                        University of California, San Diego
                        University of Iowa
                        University of Michigan, Ann Arbor                          
                        University of Missouri, Kansas City
                        University of North Carolina
                        University of San Francisco, Gleeson Library
                        University of Southern California
                        University of Utah
                        San Jose State University Library
                        Scripps College, Denison Library
                        Stanford University
                        Swarthmore College
                        Wake Forest University
Exhibition Design: Unlimited by Design; wall-sized images for exhibit; Cooper Hewitt, The National Design Museum, Smithsonian, New York, New York

As an illustrator, Mr. Schumaker's work has appeared world-wide, working for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Washington Post and Le Figaro; The New Yorker, Poetry, Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart, Enjeux Les Echoes, and Newsweek. He has created images for Hermès, United Airlines, Herman Miller, American Express and many other corporations.

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